• Jayson and Rachael, Family Portraits in Richmond, Williamsburg, and The Outer Banks of North Carolona

Meet Jayson and Rachael

Our Philosophy:

Our wedding was one of the most exciting days in our lives.  We had a vision of what our wedding day would look like and had many hopes and dreams as to what would happen on our incredible day.  We carefully chose our wedding vendors, selecting those that we felt and trusted to understand our vision.  However, in reality, some vendors did not uphold the values we desired.  That did not ruin our day; it was amazing still!  However, we wished we had more trust and care from all our vendors and through this experience, we decided to become a team in which brides, grooms, and their families can depend on throughout the entire wedding planning process.  Photography has always been a part of Jayson’s life and we feel blessed to be able to care for our clients with the trust and respect they all deserve while capturing the moments most meaningful to them.

Our Roles:

Rachael is the heArt Director of your wedding day.  She carefully consults with you to fully understand  what matters most to you, your husband to be, and your families and helps create a plan to ensure that those moments are captured.  She helps communicate your vision to your other vendors and works alongside them throughout the entire wedding planning process to help create the wedding day of your dreams.  She is available at anytime you need guidance, advice,  or a helping hand and listening ear.

Jayson is the creative mind of Jayson and Rachael.  He strives to ensure that all of the moments that were discussed during the planning process are photographed on your special day to be relived time and time again with your family and friends.  He is an observer, unobtrusively focusing on the raw emotion that occurs on your wedding day.  He focuses on capturing the love and excitement shared by your loved ones as you and the man of your dreams take this exciting first step in your journey together as husband and wife.