Engagement Sessions: How to dress, what to expect, and why you want one!

Jayson and Rachael, what are your thoughts on engagement sessions?

Why: Weddings and engagement sessions just go together; like Jayson and Rachael, they’re simply better together! We truly love engagement sessions; they foster a relaxed atmosphere allowing us to establish rapport with one another as we work together while capturing incredible moments to share with friends and family. The relationships we strive to establish with our clients prior to the wedding allows us to anticipate, see, and capture the unscripted emotion that makes our images second to none.

Where: Consider places that are special to both of you: the coffee shop you visited on your first date, the park you walk your dogs in every day, the river walk where you enjoyed your first kiss, or the spot where he proposed all provide endless photographic opportunities.

How: When choosing your wardrobe for an engagement session consider the following:

  • Location. Consider the location or venue and what it means for you to be photographed there.
  • Comfort. Plan to model for one to two hours. This mean frequently walking, climbing, jumping, and even posing with silly faces!
  • You. Choose something that’s you! Something you’ll love seeing yourself in for years to come.
  • Color. Color is GOOD, we love color, in fact, we recommend color! Colors draw the eye and add a pop to your images that black and grey cannot. Black is slimming, though it does come at a cost.
  • Patterns. Tend to go in and out of style quickly. Some even look awkward against certain backgrounds you might be photographed in.
  • Matching. Outfits that are complementary are fine, though, avoid matching everything unless you desire a twin or sports team look.
  • Accessories. Leave your Vera Bradley, iPhone, and other accessories in your car. They can be distracting, stolen, or easily forgotten as we move from location to location.
  • Ladies. Engagement sessions are not the time to try an updo you saw in bride magazine. Style your hair as you wish but consider these images will be enjoyed for years to come.

Other thoughts:

  • HAVE FUN! Think of your engagement session as a date night. Relax, have fun, and forget that we’re there; be yourself!
  • Animals. Are welcome, we especially love dogs!
  • Vehicles. Yes, we occasionally have couples ask to include their favorite ride in photo sessions.

Our experience has been that couples choosing an engagement session are ultimately happier with their photographic experience with us. Your wedding day will be remembered as one incredible moment in what we hope will be a lifetime full of incredible moments! Engagement sessions give us the unique opportunity to capture the real, raw personality that makes you unique each and everyday.

Thanks for looking!

– Jayson & Rachael

Richmond Wedding Photographer | Williamsburg Wedding Photographer

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